Thursday, September 13, 2012

Today in Photos, The Paths of Snails, People, Dogs and Tractors

Returning from our walk

The gnarly pear tree at the mailbox

At the back door
1. The glistening trail of the snail betrays its drunken, nighttime wanderings.
2. We had this Orzo with Chicken, Green Beans and Corn  as something easy and light for our dinner. The coarse salt is what really makes it perfect for me.
3. Henri and I both had a very happy walk. He was lost in his world and me in mine, together.
4. When I look toward the vineyard, bright, reddish-orange things glint in the sun and catch my eye. They have something floating just above the grape vines to scare away birds maybe? Dozens of merry, shining foil reflections flicker in sun.


  1. Thanks for the recipe link as we have frozen green breaks and corn from past years harvest and I am always looking fior new ways to serve chicken breasts. Your morning walk looked like a good one.

  2. Love your photographs. I can feel the peacefulness and relish the feeling.

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  4. Wonderful photos. I enjoy the addition of the pictures to your words (which also are quite special).

  5. Is that your house? Love the mountain range in the background.

    I wonder if that is CDs they have strung up to scare away the birds? I see that here and there.