Saturday, September 1, 2012

Solitude, Multitude, Cleaning Up After Both

1. For three hours I was alone on the hill, talking to myself and to God. Down on my hands and knees, in the dirt, sweat pouring down my back, lost in time. A few times I stood up, as though coming up for air, and surveyed the surrounding hills. At some point, time became a reality and it bore down on all my other thoughts. The spell was broken. I stepped back and remembered how addicting pulling weeds can be.
1.a.. Shower Number One was very refreshing.
2. Country barn dance tonight! Over 160 people showed up which made this a really good time. D.'s family and friends provided the bluegrass music and Scott Sarver was again our excellent caller. (He always dresses in period attire and I loved his straw hat tonight.) Older folks and little ones, men in bib overalls and ladies fanning themselves sat and watched from their chairs while the dance floor maintained one hundred dancers whirling, clapping and laughing.
3. An old gent in bib overalls and plaid shirt waltzes with a young lady, perhaps his daughter.
2.b. Shower Number Two is even better than Shower Number One. It was really hot at the dance.


  1. i love the connection of the earth and God and the feeling of satisfaction of melding the two by pulling weeds.

  2. That's a wonderful time to talk to God.

    And I love the thought of that barn dance and the lovely way you describe it.