Friday, September 21, 2012

Pretending and Remembering, Fun Errands, For Free

1. I commuted to Roanoke with the rest of my sleepy county at 8:00 this morning. I wished I was going to a job, but as I have no marketable skills (ha), I was on my way to volunteer as a patient for Daughter #3. I happily sang along to the Beatles White Album.

1.a. Every time I listen to this album, I vividly recall the Christmas of 1968. My sister received this album as a gift that morning and she played it for all of us on the stereo in our living room. The discussion centered around one controversial song in particular. My nine-year-old self asked, "What are they singing about, 'Why don't we do-do it in the road.'"? My mother's brilliant answer was, "They're talking about peeing in the road." I was clueless, but I didn't think peeing in the road was that bad. In my opinion, everybody was making a big deal out of nothing.
Still miss you sister!
2. I hoped Fresh Market would have currants and they did. I also discovered a new store called, "The Cook's Nook". They sell pastry boxes, catering supplies and all sorts of handy packaging material for homemade foods/gifts.
3. Steve returns home with another lime green, crushed velvet wing chair. Now we have a matching set! It sounds hideous but they're not that bad; they kinda grow on you... like mold. Given away for free by my daughter's neighbor in Raleigh, they are comfortable and will be spectacular with new slipcovers.


  1. Thanks for the music. I remember Christmas of 1968 very well. It was a very special one for us.

  2. Trust me - if you don't have to work, just revel in that. :)

    Show us the chairs when they're slipcovered? Or even better - before and after.

  3. love the white album. great traveling music