Monday, September 10, 2012

Northern Air, Foreign Land, Busy Bees Everywhere

1. An inspirational change occurred in the form of a cold front. I walked up the hill, faced north, took a deep breath of fresh air and said thank you to Canada.
2. The mowed fields change the appearance of the landscape. Everything feels wide open and clean- cut.
 3. At the end of the row was honey from our local group of beekeepers. Each one looked, felt and tasted different even though they were all produced in the same county. Some had hints of lemon, cinnamon and other fruits, whatever the bees had foraged.

One beekeeper traveled the world and brought back samples.

Our local honey was my favorite.


  1. yes, leonora, i too am saying thank you canada, and an enthusiastic good bye—finally!— to that hot sticky stuff, although our humid weather was nothing compared to yours, that's for sure. i still think of that post of yours where the wild, crazy storm blew in and knocked out your power during some of the hottest summer days. my goodness.

    today is breezy and glorious. this is my favorite kind of day : )

    a relative of ours used to keep bees—such an interesting hobby. there's nothing like local honey. the honeycomb is the best!

  2. Those bottles look like jewels lined up there. Lovely. And I like the thought of the honey tasting like whatever the bees took in.