Saturday, September 22, 2012

Clean, Brown, New and Old

1. In keeping with the joy that all things clean and organized bring to me, Steve power washed the house. It makes a big difference. I think it may even sparkle.
2. I attended the monthly meeting of the Star City Brewers Guild with my member -husband. It was an all afternoon affair with food and taste testings along with a Baltic Porter competition. Steve was one of the judges and I got to spectate on the process. These people take their beers seriously. I liked the look of the tasting table. It was made of a large cable spool topped with all the different brown glass bottles that people brought to share.
3. We stopped to see Daughter #2's new apartment at The River House. I like the first line in the website's definition: "Nestled in a quiet historic neighborhood, a long neglected gem is once again bustling with life. Wasena's former Ice House is now home to a new breed of adventurer: the urban pioneer..." Yup, that's daughter and husband, urban pioneers.
3.a. Their front hallway is lined with racks from floor to ceiling with six custom bikes clipped into place. They make very nice wall art. Son-in-law works here: 611 Bikes
3.b. We ended the evening at Pop's for ice cream sodas. (I had German Chocolate cake and coffee.)
3.b.I.They're whispering about an appointment she and some friends have to see his hobby collection in the basement. I ask him what he collects and he secretively says, "Oh, just unusual things from ebay and such. Things from all around the world like a piece of manganese that someone gave me". She says she's heard rumors that some of it involves formaldehyde. I make her promise to call me and tell me all about it after she sees it.


  1. That sounds like an exciting place to live!

  2. I love the idea of a secret collection.

  3. I followed the links in your post and they made for interesting reading. Disappointing that the River House only had floor plans and not an inside look as I was curious how the old ice house was converted. And your daughter and SIL seem to have interesting hall decor, but then considering his profession maybe not so much so.