Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Mess to Me/ A Feast to Others, Going, Sing to Me

1. The garden has gone to seed and has even begun sprouting some stuff over again. Yellow finches find a feast among the scraggly remains. I walk by the garden with a brief, taking-stock glance, and promise it a good clean-up when I return next week.
2. By afternoon, the sky has turned heavy and gray. Dotted against the bleak sky, dozens of birds take flight, gathering in more members as the flock whirls upon itself. They're getting ready, practicing their flight patterns for what is sure to come.
3. I've been playing catch-up on three days worth of laundry. At the last load of the day, I stay by the new machine and wait for it to finish rather than run back upstairs. Lo and behold, it plays a song when it's done! It's a happy tune and I laugh out loud at hearing it. I wondered, "Who is the person that thought of this?!" Does this make me want to do laundry? Yes!


  1. Beautiful photo and lucky birds!

    A dryer that plays music. They've thought of everything. :)

  2. It would be even nicer if you could change the song selections.

  3. I had no idea new appliances sing to you!