Sunday, August 5, 2012

Third in Succession, I Didn't Know That!, The Beginning fo the End

1. In the summer, garden yields are passed around from neighbor to friend to family. We came into some yellow summer squash via this generous and efficient distribution method.
2. I appreciate all the knowledge available at our fingertips with the invention of the internet. I Googled, "Why aren't my tomatoes turning red?" and "Why are my peony leaves blotchy and black?" and there was my answer!
3. We watched the storm from the porch and enjoyed the breeze it carried. And then something unexpected happened; it kept raining...and raining, straight into the night. I can't remember when it's rained for hours like this. It's another subtle clue that summer is slowly beginning to end.

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  1. My sister is knocking on neighbors' doors distributing yellow squash and zucchini and came home the other day to find a bag of squash hanging on her front door. I told her maybe next year - a few less plants.