Monday, August 13, 2012

Piano Lessons or the North Pole?, A Visitor, Hunting

1. Her dining room has become Christmas.  A gorgeous pile of beautifully wrapped gifts sit on a side chair, rolls of red foil wrap are ready for cutting on the table, and a box of gifts wait to be covered. It's hot outside, but it's beginning to feel a lot like... ♪
2. Sleek black cat with emerald jeweled eyes chooses me for her latest affection.
3. The evening is devoted to antiques shows on PBS. Tess even admits it makes her want to go find an antique shop. Oh! Which reminds me, today I found an aluminum cookie cutter that I don't have in my collection. Priced right at a dollar!

1.a. * Shh. This evening I ordered two gifts on Amazon.


  1. You are doing the shopping early! I have given it a little thought but made no purchases.

  2. I'm glad I saw this. You made me smile!

  3. My sister and I bought aluminum cookie cutters to use to make gift tags this year, using old Christmas cards.