Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Entourage, Snuggly, On Her Toes

1. I shop for groceries alone each week, but my entire family and sometimes friends are invisibly with me. I choose this one's favorite cheese, that one's lunch items, a special meal for a house guest, and treats that are fun for someone to find when they open the fridge or cabinet. I pick out something special for me too. Today it is an avocado.
2. Granddaughter is asleep in her car seat. I gently lift her out and carry her into the house. In her sleepiness, she assumes I am her mother and nestles into my arms.
3. She bounces, hops and dances everywhere so goes. Oh to be 21-months old!


  1. Je ne sait pas quoi ecrire sur cette message Leonord! Mais je veux commeme ecrire car je par en vacanse!! Et je veux laissee commeme un petit mot sur votre blog! Avent de partire!! :O) Bonne continuation!! Beaucoup de members!! Et a bientot!! :O)
    P.S. Bonne chance pour votre fille a apprendre le Francais!!! :O)
    xxx Maria xxx

  2. sometimes i go to the grocery store in a daze—i just get what i need and dash out. i am not sure if i like grocery shopping or not....i guess it depends on the day.

    ah, but avocados make it worth the trip. and locally grown corn and blueberries!

  3. I love your description of loving your family through grocery buying.