Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mari's Visit

Granddaughter Marian is spending five days with us while her mom and dad attend a wedding in Colorado. I've lost count of the ways she has made us laugh. Even if I watch her doing nothing I am still entertained. Now I recall the boundless energy of toddlers and the good kind of exhausted sleep I used to fall into when my own were little. Being a grandparent is new territory for us and Mari lives in another state, so it is still an amazing, new experience each time we see her. She reminds me so much of her mother! In a way, we have a second chance to use our still-developing parenting skills and have a do-over. We're a little better at it the second time around. 

She likes to hide. She is at that wonderful, innocent age when she thinks we can't see her if she can't see us.

Steve shares a freezie pop with her.


  1. Too cute!and look how blond her hair is!

  2. Wonderful post! She is one very lucky little girl

  3. How perfectly lovely that you have this time with her. My sister (also in Virginia - near Winchester) gets to have her toddler granddaughter sometimes, too, and I love hearing the Mina stories. :)