Monday, August 27, 2012

How Do Mom's Find Time To Blog??

After a breakfast with friends, the day got even busier. What's a popular gal to do? I found the perfect outfit to wear from my extensive wardrobe, accepted an invitation to visit Aunt Chelsea and did my part for animal awareness with a photo op of me petting the bunnies, (don't these paparazzi ever tire of chasing me around with a camera?) declined a lunch invitation because my schedule was simply too full, shopped a bit, lunched with the grandmother, ran a marathon, splashed in my private pool, performed some of my acting bits for the other aunts, went for a spin in my 'Cozy Coupe', did a phone interview with mom, ran another marathon, attended a buffet dinner where all my favorite foods were served, gave a movie review for "Finding Nemo" for the third time, disassembled the tallest Duplo tower ever built, greeted guests at Pop's Pool Night, ate a huge lemon cookie and then enjoyed a nightcap of dill pickle (yes, really) before winding down with a few good books. I better check on my agenda for tomorrow. I hear there's a pickle stash in the basement.