Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How Big Kids Play, 1,2 and 3, World Record Mandolin Ensemble

1. In a town not far from here... the annual Fiddlers Convention. Is that not one of the happiest sounds or what?!
2. Daughters #2 and #4 built Legos all day. I heard the light, tinkling sound of tiny plastic blocks as piles of them are sifted through. Midway through the day, I called them upstairs for lunch and watched them devour the food and chatter away with Daughter #3. Are they really 15 and 25 years old or am I dreaming?
3. A friend cooked dinner just for us ladies tonight. None of us were allowed to bring anything as she wanted to pamper us with a special evening at her home. It was a gift of oneself, the best kind of gift.
I've also come to realize that ladies over 50 are a riot.


  1. oh my dear, here come the legos....again! james and megan and the girls "played" with ours while they were visiting (ah, the heartwarming sound of plastic bricks being rummaged through to come up with the right size) they rebuilt the british ship that's on the lookout for pirates. : )

  2. oh, and also this:

    uh huh, you got it right, leonora. we ladies over 50 definitely are a riot (and a lot of fun, too)....or at least we think we are.

  3. Awww - I'd love to see what they built with those Legos.

    And love that mandolin playing!

  4. Love #3. And this fiddlers convention! :)