Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Carpe Diem!, They Pop, Not What I Expected

1. High school and college classes have emptied the house in a flurry of organized excitement this morning. They leave with great expectations.
2. I decided to tackle the jungle that was once the vegetable garden. On hands and knees, I pulled weeds and dying plants, parting through the tall foliage like a tiger on the prowl. When I got to the cherry tomato section, fallen fruit popped under foot as I moved around. It was a little gross at first until it reminded me of bubble wrap, which can be addicting...
3. They returned home after a very long day of classes, one of them careening through the house full of energy, singing and most talkative.


  1. I'll bet the house was quiet without them. :) The vegetable garden pruning sounds nice and peaceful.

  2. Beautiful, I see you in your garden doing the crawl!