Sunday, August 12, 2012

Voices, Gifts from Nature, Late Summer Evening

1. There are some very nice singing voices in our congregation, but I would guess the majority of us are plain, old, mediocre. However, something wonderful happens when we all blend our voices together on Sunday morning. Beautiful song rises up, written in the lyrics here, "as my heart and spirit soar". We sang this today.

2. It is satisfying, in a very basic way, to pluck and handle the various herbs growing in the garden. Chopping releases their scent more fully, bringing their earthy goodness into the kitchen.
3. As the sun leaned toward evening, the air cooled right down again. Steve and I went out to finish some chores in the yard and Tess came out with her camera. She shot some photos which I think captured the evening perfectly.

The last of the tree that fell last week.

Seniorita and Vander Bandy

Sunset out back.

Volunteers from the seed in the bird feeder.

The ending of summer brings everything to seed.

For those who are superstitious, Steve's job is a lucky 13 miles down this road behind our house.


  1. Did you see the music making by poor people in the Congo last night on 60 minutes? The idea was how music brings us together and transports us to another place.

  2. The pic of the horses, the sunset and the sunflowers - all amazing. Love that you call them volunteers.

    I just got another cup of coffee to sip while listening to the music.

  3. nice photos, leonora. i love the horses.