Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer Eating, Lazing, Swimming

photo courtesy of Southern Living magazine
 1. I made this outstanding tomato pie for dinner. The crust is perfection and the garden tomatoes, herbs and onions are topped with a tasty cheese combination that browns when it's cooked. Oh my, it's so good!
2. I've caught myself not posting every day. It's summer and the days all melt together sometimes. I read, rock on the porch, pull things from the garden, and sit outside until dark as we slow our pace for a season. No rushing to this lesson or that meeting like the rest of the year when each day of the week has something assigned to it. Summer is about letting things slide a little.
3. We found out that the country club pool has become semi-private. This means that instead of paying membership fees each summer like we used to do, we can now pay as we go. This works much better for us since we haven't joined in the past few years, but would still like to swim on occasion. Daughter #4 and her friend got to swim today!


  1. Next time Mari and I come visit we want to go swimming!

  2. Hmmm...I might have to try that tomato pie. I subscribe to Southern Living and saw that recipe, but it's length made me think it might be labor intensive. So I used a recipe found on the internet - Bobby Deen's lighter tomato pie. The filling turned out really well and was good, but the refrigerator pie crust got too brown and was awful. :)

  3. I've never had tomato pie. I like cooked tomatoes but my husband doesn't (unless it is in spaghetti sauce). Might have to try it, though.

  4. Don't feel guilty about not posting, Leonora. Summer is to be enjoyed! I've not been good about writing (or reading) myself. It's good to take a break, but good to be back here, too.

    You pie sounds wonderful!