Monday, July 9, 2012

Heart Stopping, More Please, Off they Go

1. Finding the "Undo" button after I accidentally hit the "Delete" button after spending hours writing something. It was the gasp that could be heard 'round the world.
2. I stand in the window, watch the pouring rain and say thank you.
3. Baby birds have flown from the nest. I'm pleased to clean up after them, sweeping the steps and washing the side of the house. Such mess-makers they are!


  1. oh my, yes, leonora, baby birds are cute but they are messy. we haven't had a nest at the house in years. one time fox sparrows nested on top of the lamp between the garage doors. were these birds of yours the ones that were in the window box? my parents have window boxes and birds have occasionally built nests in there.

  2. I'm glad you found that undo button. I am constantly saving my documents for fear of doing that.

  3. Anita- Yes! I'm hitting that save button all the time, too. But I was attempting to Copy All in order to Paste into a word doc. After I highlighted the entire thing, I hit the delete button!!! The entire post disappeared before my eyes! I can't even describe the feeling, I gasped so loudly. Then I found the Undo button and was saved.

  4. That would be the worst - losing a document like that. I'm glad you got it back.