Saturday, June 9, 2012

Straight Rows-Interesting Corners, More Martha, You're Not From Around Here...
1. Tractors chug along, making tidy, geometric patterns in the hay fields.
2. If you like spinach, then you will love this recipe for Spinach Phyllo Pie. It's fantastic! And don't leave out the raisins. It sounded a little funky to me, but they're perfect in there. As a main course, each person can easily eat half of one log. (I'm cooking out of back issues of Everyday Food this week, hence all the Martha.)
3. ...aaand there's a cow in the road. She's a youngster, just walking along like she's out for a stroll. She makes the slightest pause at our car with a nod of her head as if to say, "How do you do?" We make sure she's heading to safety, and she is. She turns down a lane heading toward the rest of the herd. This is the third cow I've encountered on roads since moving here ten years ago.


  1. Love the cow story. :) And that spinach thing does look fantastic.

  2. Only 3 cows in 10 years? Lucky!