Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Showcase Gardens, In My Own Little Corner, Climate Control

1. Neighbor W. invited us to see the property he just finished landscaping. Here is one little corner of this magnificent garden. I've only seen such places on the pages of magazines, so it was a dream to walk through all the outdoor rooms and imagine living among them. There are fountains and sculptures and an inviting pool area with bathhouse and pergolas.
2. Weeded and watered my own little haven and was glad for it.
3. Soaring temperatures and humidity make me very thankful for air conditioning. In the forty plus years we lived in New York, our homes were never air conditioned. Every summer we would suffer through two-to-four weeks of dripping heat. Not in the south!


  1. What a beautiful garden!

    Yes - what would we do without the AC? :) I can remember a house we lived in as a child wasn't air conditioned. My parents finally broke down and had it put in when I was a young teenager. My older sister hates air conditioning to this day and puts it on as a last resort.