Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Joy of Eating, A Favorite Author, Play Ball!

1. A variety of baby birds populates the yard. I can tell they are young by their eating habits. They clumsily dive and dart after bugs, missing their target much of time, yet never give up. When they do catch their meal, they eat it in a haphazard gulp. It looks like they make a fun game of eating. Come to think of it, they're like human toddlers when they feed themselves.
2. The passing of Ray Bradbury prompted me to begin a revisit of some of his books. I finished Fahrenheit 451 today and remembered how much I enjoyed his writing. I found myself checking and rechecking the copyright date as I read. 1953. Amazing. 
3. We scoffed at the heat and went out for a Salem Red Sox baseball game. As the sun went down, a cooling breeze fanned us in the stands. In this setting, I enjoy every gulp of a Coke on ice.

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  1. I'm enjoying seeing those fledgling birds, too. :) Stay cool, my friend.