Monday, June 25, 2012

It's My Job to Embarrass, Ocean Rocks, I'm Not Sensing That, Sleeplessness Cure

1. Fifteen year old daughter won't look in the men's underwear department with me. She keeps walking as though she doesn't know me.
2. I spent the evening watering the garden, buffeted by the breeze of a cold front. The garden stones shine in their deeper, prettier colors when they are wet.
3. Daughter #3 walking through the kitchen: "Mmm, what's that good smell? It smells like cotton candy in here!"
Me: "Huh? It's beef and soy sauce."(Maybe she needs her tonsils and adenoids returned.)
4. The little box pops up on the computer screen and it's Steve sending me a message! We send a few back and forth until I am finally tired enough for bed.

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