Friday, June 22, 2012

In Season, I Wonder As I Wander, Main Thoroughfare

1. Neighbor W. gives us a box of beautiful, locally grown peaches (and four nectarines) he brought back from Saunders Brothers. They are still hard and will be just the correct ripeness when all the family returns this weekend to help eat them.
2. Henri and I went for a very nice evening walk. Passing the Christmas tree farm, I played around with the idea of bringing a tree home and decorating it while Christmas music plays in the background. I tried to guess how much effort it would take for me to exhort the Christmas spirit to fill my house around the summer solstice. I decided I could never make it work. My imagination isn't that big.
3. Even through the dense undergrowth, I can see where a well-worn deer path breaks out onto the road. I suppose these paths are used from one generation of deer to the next, making some of them quite ancient.


  1. Sounds like a nirvana type of place to live Leonora! I think I could make Christmas work any day of the year!! I love, LOVE Christmas! xxoo

  2. I like the thought of decorating a summer solstice tree! There is a tree I often see on my commute that the people decorate for Christmas and Easter. :)

  3. Funny, Leonora! I can't see decorating for xmas in June either. Although, you've given me an idea--we haven't seen my mother-in-law since before xmas and will be celebrating the holiday with her in July! Maybe I should decorate a plant for her with some little pastel colored balls and sunshine garland. Hmm...

  4. When the boys were little we would go to their grandparents cabin up the lake for a few weeks each July. Christmas in July was a must. Each family brought Christmas baking and there was a tree (not cut) that was decorated by everyone. The decorations were to be created from things found at the lake like pine cones and rocks. Kept the kids occupied for hours! It was fun.