Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hay Dots, Making Fun, Our Small Town

1. After the fields are mowed and the hay is baled, they look like this to me, only in green and brown.
2. She plays really well by herself, going about and exploring the room. She pulls my rubber gloves off the sink, puts the huge things on her hands and counts the floppy fingers. "One... tree... one... tree."
3. Our wait at the orthodontist's is made more pleasant by seeing home school acquaintances from years ago. Their family is growing and the newest baby is adorable. We chat and briefly catch up on our families' latest.


  1. Your granddaughter sounds adorable - I know you must love having them with you.

  2. i love this picture. i love those dots. i remember them from the penny candy days—a penny for one small sheet. and another sweet thing, that one, tree......!