Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Future, Respect and Honor, Can That Be Real?!

1. The boundless energy, creativity, wit and humor in the four fifteen-year-old girls riding in my car was amazing. I enjoyed every second of their company. It also made me realize how far, far away I am from that age.
2. Hundreds of people stood in line for entrance to the amusement park. The hum of conversations suddenly hushed when the first notes of the Star Spangled Banner played over the loudspeaker. All at once, every single body turned toward the flag, men removed their hats and it was completely silent except for the song and the sound of the enormous flag snapping in the breeze.
3. We pointed the car west and set out for the three-hour drive home. Where the long strip of highway disappeared into the horizon before us, the sunset was a spectacle that caused all of us to exclaim at its beauty. It was a huge ball of glowing, deep pink, streaked with strips of purple clouds and setting on fire.

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  1. Did you go to King's Dominion? I'll bet it was fun being with those girls. :)