Sunday, June 3, 2012

Beginnings, Mozart Sonata in G Major, Meeting at Our House

1.The littlest pianist hops up on the bench, feet dangling high off the floor, and plinks out his tune. His countenance bears all the seriousness of a concert pianist. If by chance he glances at the audience, our smiles will give away the fact that we think he's cute as a button.
2. She's not playing it for us, or for the audience, or even for her teacher. She's playing it for the Steinway.
3. A natural sifting and positioning takes place whereby ladies end up mingling on one side of the room, gentlemen on the other. The ladies "out noise" the men every time.


  1. Sounds like lovely music and a lovely time.

  2. "She's playing it for the Steinway." That's beautiful. A true artist, she is. I remember those recitals (and being terrified of getting on stage with the baby grand). The little ones were always darling.

    Love all the sound here. "Out noise" LOL!

  3. You left out the best part. The little guy played Batman.