Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Adorable Ears, Home At Last, Guess What I Saw!

1. Henri runs to my feet to lick something off the floor. His soft, furry ear tickles my ankle while I stand with my hands in the dishwater.
2. Steve has disappeared after dinner. I find him fast asleep on top of the bed covers. I can tell by his breathing that he's deeply asleep, exhausted from traveling. I quietly back out of the doorway, careful not to disturb him.
3. It's not unusual to see bears around here, yet every time someone spots one, it's still a major event. Daughter #2 calls me from Carvin's Cove to exclaim over the two bear cubs she's just seen. Although I'm in my robe, in the comfort of my living room I share her excitement. She needs to watch and keep clear of the mother bear who must be nearby. Sure enough, the mother bear comes along and daughter snaps a picture of her...from far away. It's on facebook the next morning. A shared event. : )


  1. what wonderful little pleasures today! oh, leonora, bear cubs (and a pup and a husband)! : )

    do you live in a very remote, deep woods area? twenty years ago my son saw bear tracks deep in the woods to the west of our house, but it is becoming more built up around here lately, except near bradbury mountain state park.

  2. All lovely things. It's nice you let your husband sleep.

  3. Lots of bear sitings! I'm envious; I've not seen one this year.

  4. I think we always sleep better and deeper when we're home.