Friday, May 25, 2012

Thank You, Colorful, Layers, A Study in White

1. He's an old veteran with bright, smiling eyes and a strong back. I add my donation to his plastic bucket and see it's already overflowing with bills and it's only 10 AM. He hands me a red poppy and I take a moment to shake his hand. He looks surprised and then he smiles back at me.
2. I think it's a fitting weekend for a cooler filled with ice and colorful cans of soda. Our family cook-outs in the 1960's always had coolers filled like this. We kids would dig around through the melting ice, hunting for the cans of orange and grape. Never mind that today we don't drink soda nor are we having a party. I buy forty-eight cans.
3. Inspired by Marie's post, we have a layered salad for dinner. Ours is layered in a glass trifle bowl and we make ceremony of scooping the first serving and disturbing its beauty.
4. A vintage model, white pick-up truck, driven by an old man with snowy white hair, wearing a white dress shirt and a white Panama hat. In my rear view mirror I see he wears dark sunglasses; two hands gripping the wheel.