Monday, May 21, 2012

Swallowing the Blue, Where I Wait, Summer's Pleasures

1. Spectacular clouds loom up over the mountains. Dramatic billows of white cumulus stack up higher and higher casting shadows over the mountainside. By evening, they turn an angry gray and announce their onslaught with thunder.
2. Every Monday I drive to a pretty neighborhood situated behind Roanoke College and park for an hour while Tess has piano lessons. At the end of the dead-end street sits a heavily wooded area shared by the homes. Over a small creek, someone has built a sturdy walking bridge with beautiful railings crafted out of tree branches. It's a very attractive spot where I enjoy my hour of waiting.
3. Sitting on the porch and watching it rain.


  1. yes to #3—that's me, too. enjoying spring rain on the porch. : )

  2. That's wonderful that the hour is used for beauty and reflection.

  3. Tess is going to have to just keep taking lessons near Roanoke College, eh? Sounds lovely. :)