Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Most Romantic Flower, Special Delivery, Evening Sky

 1. The first peonies I've ever grown are in bloom! Steve brought me a bouquet of peonies from his grandmother's garden when our first daughter was born and I have admired them ever since. (Tess took about forty photos of this peony for me tonight.)

2. He arrived home from work with a load of cow compost in the pick-up. True love. Then he shoveled it out for me. More true love.

3. It was a pretty evening to work outside.


  1. i love all of your photographs today!
    peonies are one of my favourite flowers -vibrant and lush! love that your guy gave them to you

  2. I love peonies, too. The owner of the manicure/pedicure place I go to had some on her table the other day and said they came from her garden. Yours are lovely!