Tuesday, May 29, 2012

♫ Lavender Blue Dilly, Dilly ♪, Hydrangea White, Dinner Cooked

1. The Lavender is in bloom! It grows so well and I enjoy it so much, I should plant it everywhere. I like to grab a stalk and gently grasp the buds without actually pulling them off. It releases the lavender scent and keeps it on my hand for a while.

2. My first Hydrangea. B. gave it to me from her garden last year to fill an empty spot that I had. She calls it her "Snowball" plant and she has several that are covered in blooms. Mine has two pretty blooms and I hope it grows as well as hers.
3. These photos were taken after the thunderstorms that rolled through just as I was cooking dinner. The lights flickered but never went out, so dinner was able to be fully cooked.


  1. Such pretty photos, Leonora. My potted lavender is back this year! It must have been the warm winter because the herb hadn't before survived.

    I love your white hydrangea. We see mostly blues around here, but the whites are so pretty. Ah spring--well, nearly summer!

  2. I love lavender - yours is beautiful. I wish I could grow that successfully. :)

  3. We always called them snowballs, even if they were purple or pink. That one looks quite healthy!

  4. love love love the lavender.. the smell, texture and the look just draw me