Thursday, May 17, 2012

1. Daughter #4 continues to surprise us. We had no idea she could draw. (I must admit this is one downfall of home schooling. It's easy for a child's abilities to fall through the cracks if the parent doesn't provide the opportunity to explore all subjects.)
2. Granddaughter sees me and calls me by name. She has my heart, entirely.
3. Our small community's high school's assembly is a Norman Rockwell type affair. Red curtains part on a small stage, eager parents watch for their child's face, the tall awkward boy (one of only two in the choir) sings his solo beautifully, teachers introduce their students with pride and the students shyly accept their accolades.


  1. She captured herself perfectly it seems. Wow.

  2. I saw this a few days back and had to return! My goodness, it doesn't appear that anything's fallen through the cracks here, Leonora. What a gorgeous portrait she's etched.
    It even has a Rockwellian feel to it!

    Portraits, too, are the hardest to do. Max, with all his artistic abilities still can't draw or paint a proper portrait.

    Your girls are amazing. :)