Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Time Fun, Up Do, Another Year Older

1. That time of year when girls and boys dress up so handsomely and youth seems to last forever.

 2. The hairdresser made it up as she went along, creating a side swept style, adding a braid here, a curl there. Sixty-three hairpins later...She really liked the result because it felt natural and it was easy to wear.
3. He and I celebrated his birthday with Buffalo wings (dipped in blue cheese dressing of course) and a beer.


  1. Oh how very beautiful your daughter is. I love the hair. Very elegant and natural. The dress is gorgeous also. I love buffalo wings, with blue cheese dressing as well. xxoo

  2. She's beautiful. She looks like a maiden. Perfect hair and perfect dress for her.

  3. Beautiful! The hair, the dress--everything! Love this time of year. New for us this year: Max's first HS semi-formal. With a date! Oh yes, on our way. :)