Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rainy morning, Good lunch, Can't Wait to Give It

1. Rain patters on the tin barn roof. Light bulbs high up on the rafters add a small glow to the huge space. The horses shuffle in their stalls and the chickens cluck around on the hay bales, but the rain has muffled everything and life is quiet this morning.
1a. Oscar-the-farm-dog pesters a chicken on one of the hay bales. Audrey scoots him away and we peek at the bird, thinking she looks dead. Audrey timidly creeps closer and closer, afraid of seeing the dead bird when suddenly, it flies up at her, squawking loudly and startling us both. We have a good laugh at ourselves.
2. Simple food tastes so good when I'm ravenously hungry. A Swiss cheese sandwich on soft bread with lots of mayo and fresh pineapple on the side is completely satisfying.
3. I found enough scraps of a pretty blue vintage print to sew into a hat for Mari.


  1. You have so many farm stories lately - are you working on a farm?

    I hope you post a photo of the hat.

  2. Lynn, Yes! I work on a horse farm with Daughter #3. I've always loved farms so this job seems to suit me. It's hard work but I have more energy and I feel a lot better since I started there about 2 months ago. Daughter has worked there for 7 years.
    I hope I can keep up with it...we'll see!

  3. I"m hungry now! And I hope we get to see that vintage print hat.

    Sometimes its comforting to hear the rain muffling everything, don't you think? Sounds like you are really enjoying the farm. :)