Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'll Get Over It, I See Draperies, Pillows and Aprons, The feast

1.I suppose the lawnmower he bought for me, but that he really chose for himself, might just get him out into the yard more often. Now that I think on it, this purchase that I was selfishly disappointed about is really a good thing for him.
1.a. Daughter #4 and I laugh and laugh as we drive up to the house this evening and see him toting around on the mower. It's just as I thought.
2. The fabric selection at  Spoonflower.com is over the top. I'm inspired to sew something, anything!
(Daughter #4 saw it featured on the Nate Berkus show.)
3. I cooked an entire pot roast for the multitudes and only two of us showed up for dinner. We opened a bottle of wine and celebrated our bounty.
3.b.Leftovers were portioned into containers and tomorrow's lunch is made.


  1. we turned our chili dinner into frozen dinners too ...so handy on those lazy days when neither of us wants to cook

  2. When life hands us lemons eh . . . I love new fabric and husbands on lawnmowers make me smile. So does leftover potroast. xxoo

  3. Ah - that's nice that you turned it into a nice dinner with wine.