Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rhubard Pie, Our Reward, Sweet Sound

1. Life in the ground quietly emerges, stretching toward the sun. Almost in unison, all the sleepy beds wake up.
2. We finish our morning's work and sit on the hillside overlooking the mountains and valley. We're up high enough that Route 220 looks like a ribbon threaded through green hills.
3. On the phone with Daughter #1, she tells the baby to say, "Whale". Mari says, "Whale, whale, whale." She'll repeat anything her mom tells her to say so I get to have a phone conversation of sorts with my granddaughter. I hold the phone to Pop's ear and I can tell he's heard her talking, too by the smile on his face.


  1. So are those sleepy heads rhubarbs?

  2. Love, Love, LOVE to see those ruby and bright green little heads poking through the soil in the spring!! xxoo

  3. Love that photo of the emerging green. We've no sign of that yet, but it's warm like spring today. I have a feeling it's just a tease, though.

    Whale! :)