Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hunting for New, Dark Skies, Don't Forget to Water

1. I went shopping alone and just for myself. My winter-weary wardrobe really needed boost and even something as simple as a spring scarf can really boost one's spirits.
2. Rumblings of an afternoon thunderstorm moved in slowly. It allowed enough time to open the windows and catch a cooling breeze before the rain began. (Who ever thought we'd be looking for a cooling breeze in March?!)
3. Another first! This is the first time I've owned a Boston Fern. It's foliage is lush and beautiful and reminds me of a shady forest floor. I hope I don't kill it.


  1. I had good luck with Boston ferns by giving them lots of water.

  2. I love scarves - I wear one almost every day.

    And I find that Boston ferns do better out of direct sunlight and they need lots of water in the summer, as well as being spritzed with water. :)