Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Who's out there?, A marvel of engineering, Playing catch up

1. I wonder at the huge spotlight shining from the woods in the predawn darkness. Oh! It's the moon, watching me from the trees.
2. Steve doesn't know whether to curse or admire the VW engineers when he works on my car.
3. Between errands and appointments I have a brief respite at home. It's just enough time to have lunch while I watch  the latest episode of Downton Abbey.


  1. That moon was marvelous! Made the kids gawk at it for as long as possible.

    I'm hearing so much about Downton Abbey, I know I'm just missing something. Time to tune in, me thinks. :)

  2. Jane, Downton Abbey is simply drenched in soap opera-ish, early 20th century drama like only Masterpiece Theater can deliver. The costumes and sets are lavish and meticulous down to every detail. Last, but not least, it entertains.