Thursday, February 23, 2012

A sweet girl, Fresh air, Wish I could stay all day

1. Daughter #3 has a new horse staying with us named Señorita. Her breed is National Show Horse which is half Arabian, half Saddlebred. Her graceful and refined gait are a joy to watch as she simply glides across the field. With a little grooming and tail de-tangling she will be a real beauty.
2. Spring-like weather today and the windows are cracked open. The good outdoor smells wafting into the house make my heart skip a beat for spring.
3. I sit on the hay bales, doing nothing, watching the mountains and the horses. It's very quiet with only the bird song and the horses crunching their hay. Both are soothing sounds and I like the stillness and quietness of it all.


  1. It's spring here also. I went for a long walk on ice covered paths through the woods and thought of our doggie walk....

  2. Beautiful horse! And I had my sliding door open last night, too; so lovely to smell fresh air.

  3. Your life sounds so blissful Leonora. I cannot imagine the serenity of living in such a beautiful place amidst such wonder. Sounds very lovely to me. Very mild here as well. xxoo

  4. Marie- Don't forget, I am listing my three beautiful things for the day. If I listed the other ten unpleasant things, well...I could write a novel : )

    Lynn- Spring air does smell better somehow, doesn't it?

    Barbara- We had a tornado watch yesterday. The winds are horrific (you know what this is like) and I'm just waiting for the power to go out.