Sunday, February 5, 2012

Not my usual pleasant post otherwise titled "Send me Your Bar Graphs"

 I'm channeling my rant into a letter that begins, "Dear Mr. President". I knew what the numbers were screaming, but when Steve turned our salary vs. health insurance into a bar graph, I was astounded. The visual made it hit home even harder. In a nutshell, our health insurance premiums saw a total increase of $32.22 per month from 2004-2008 (previous president). We've had an increase of $313.60 per month!! from 2008-2012 (current president). I just want a reasonable explanation. How does anyone find room in their monthly budget for a $313 increase when salaries are going nowhere?
What I would really like to know is: We can't be the only people experiencing this. Doesn't anyone else notice this happening to them? Isn't anyone else outraged? Take a look at your health insurance premiums, create a bar graph of your own. I think too many people believe their opinion doesn't count or their voice isn't heard. Well, I'm going to be a squeaky wheel gosh darn it!

We did go out in the damp rain for an ice cream at Bruester's. My White Turtle ice cream cone was a balm to my raging tongue.


  1. Mine went up, but not as much as yours.

    On a related note - I just spent a few days in the hospital with my mother and when I started questioning on Thursday why she was in there, no one could really say. She had a dizzy spell at assisted living and they called the ambulance and the emergency room admitted her. The diagnosis was "altered mental status." I told them we know that - she has Alzheimers. I had a minor fit in front of the nurses' station Thursday afternoon after not seeing the hospitalist all day. I finally broke her out of there at 9pm. All this to say - all that probably cost several thousand dollars, most of which insurance and Medicare will pay for. She's already met her deductible for the year - this is her second trip to the hospital. Someone's getting rich off her.

    I'll never catch up on blog posts. :)

  2. I'm sorry for your mom's hospital visits. The ER visits also serve to needlessly upset and confuse elderly people.
    We had a similar $$ experience with some lab work for our daughter. The Dr. said she was fine, but ordered blood work anyway. $3000 billed to the insurance. It's just wrong.
    Thanks for your comment Lynn!