Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm never bored with this, Pass it on, Away!

1. My absolute favorite breakfast food: homemade biscotti dunked in strong coffee.
2. The young man at the checkout cautions me about the tornado watch he's heard about. After I get home, Steve phones to also put me on alert. I don't have anyone to warn, so I just keep an eye on the sky and the horses. It's my way to sort of do my part in the chain.
3. After the worst has passed, I walk down to the mailbox. I feel incredibly small as I face into the wind and look up at the sky to see the clouds breaking up and racing overhead in a dizzying way.


  1. I remember Tornado watches, very scary. I love biscotti. I can never make them at home as good as they taste when you buy them. I don't know why that is. xxoo

  2. Tornado? Gosh, this makes me wonder if that is a little of what we felt up on the mountain this past Saturday??
    I'm glad all is well there. :)