Monday, February 27, 2012

I have the perfect place for those, Hungry?, How DO you do that?

1. The photographs in the nursery catalog display perfect, lush plants from which I imagine endless possibilities. Shade gardens, cutting gardens, boxwood gardens, English country gardens, and on and on. The anticipation and excitement of what could be, if only...I had a gardening staff. 
2. I love for our house to be alive. Alive with people coming and going, a bite to eat for anyone who happens to stop by, a nice chat over coffee, where everyone is made to feel welcome and friends may enter without waiting for the door to be opened to them, we simply yell, "Come in!"
3. I sat in on her piano lesson. I'm absolutely perplexed as to how anyone can be told to, "Play this" or, "Make that a G instead of a D flat" or, "Watch the fortissimo" as simply as if one was being told to pick up that pencil and so they do.
*She showed me that she can download the sheet music onto her ipad, use it at the piano and as she plays, it hears her and automatically turns the page at the right moment. How amazing is that?!


  1. Shade gardens! Our front yard faces east but a good portion of it is shaded by the maples and oaks. I am hungry for a shade garden to border the woods. You're inspiring me. Maybe this spring...

    Oh, how wish I had had an iPad when I first learned to play the piano!

  2. I'll bet your garden is beautiful.

    And how cool is that - technology never ceases to amaze me.

  3. ah to play in the gardens and feel the soil (soul) in my hands