Saturday, February 11, 2012

Heading south, Goofy talk works best, General Tsao

1. We took a different road this time. The scenery was prettier, especially the town of Hillsboro with its historic buildings and quaint Main Street.
2. She's alone in the room, in her high chair when I walk in. Her eyes dart to the doorway where her mom just exited and then quickly back to me. When Steve walks in and makes a funny noise, a smile slowly creeps onto her face and she accepts us.
3. Chinese take-out! I can't remember the last time we had Chinese or take-out.


  1. Michael just left to pick up Chinese. They always throw extra fortune cookies in the bag--which I like. :)

    The visual of your darling granddaughter is so lovely. Special moments.

    Leonora, you must tell us about your new profile pic. (Unless you already have and I missed it?) It's beautiful.

  2. Jayne, We live too far out for take out to be convenient, so it was a treat!
    I've cheated and used a photo that is a few years old. It's one of the rare few that I can stand of myself. I was sitting on a hillside at a friend's house, watching my daughter jump a horse in a riding ring below. My younger daughter took this on our old 35MM with black and white film.