Sunday, January 29, 2012

Smells good!, You go, It's a hit

1. I left dinner roasting in the oven while we were at church. The aroma of pork roast, garlic and basil has enticed son-in-law to peek in the oven before I've returned. He's very excited about his find and happily admits he peeked.
2. We all feel bad that she has left the table upset. We discuss who should go after her and the boyfriend volunteers. He finishes eating first (ha, ha). He rises and bravely says to give him twelve minutes with her. We all glance at the clock to make a note of it.
3. Hot fudge cake with French vanilla ice cream satisfies our chocolate-sweet cravings.


  1. Sounds like an interesting meal! I love the smell of pot roast in a crock pot. Mmmm.

  2. I hope your daughter is OK. And so funny that the boyfriend knows to give him exactly 12 minutes.

    All good sounding food!