Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Scrabble tiles, Climbing Mt. Ironing, A sad song revisited

1. Ghosts of little girls, tucked away in the lids of board games, come out to play Scrabble.
2. The ironing basket is empty! It had been very, very full.
3. She likes to play the piano after dinner and I have music to wash dishes by. No matter how often I hear this song, it makes me sad in a good way. She's rehearsing it again in order to perform it for the arranger, Philip Keveren, at a concert in April.


  1. She plays so beautifully! Thank you for sharing that. It is a little sad, but lovely still.

  2. "...sad in a good way." I love that, Leonora. So true. Gosh I could listen to her all night. And I love that song.

    Funny what we find tucked away in boxes and closets and all kinds of places. :)