Monday, January 9, 2012

Just one more, May I sit here?, How long have you lived here?

1. Goofing around in the kitchen, I discover that a buttered marshmallow tastes really good! #3 says there's just something wrong about that; like a chocolate covered Oreo or fried butter.
2. One old timer has been beekeeping since 1939. His comments are full of first-hand knowledge which he shares matter-of-factly. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful.
3. We're crowded into the "living room" of our small, local historical museum. We sit side-by-side with the mannequins who are dressed in old-fashioned black satin and bonnets and who look a little creepy.
3a. Sometimes life casts us in quirky situations. I look around to check if it's real or if I'm imagining it.


  1. Agree with you on the mannequins. I have always thought they were scary!

  2. A buttered marshmallow. I cannot even imagine that. But I love a chocolate covered Oreo. :)