Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's finished!, Warmth, Communicating

The view of framing done last summer.
 1. To avoid the mud, I park below and trudge up the field toward our new church. A huge bonfire burns debris, scattering ash like snow flurries. Blustering wind challenges my balance as I climb over the silt fence and then over a guide wire held in place with re-bar. Inside, the contrast is remarkable and the word sanctuary is apropos.
2. A hot water bottle at my feet finally warms me up.
3. My sister and I type some messages back and forth, back and forth. This is tiresome, so I pick up the phone and call her. Much better!


  1. I'm with you . . . why type when you can talk. Talking is way better! xxoo

  2. The view from the new church is gorgeous!