Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Here comes the sun!, Leave it for spring?, We can relate

1. Today's sunshine would have been glorious without the previous week's rain, but the contrast made it that much sweeter.
2. Henri and I walked the back roads, soaking up every bit of the mild day.
3. I untangled the Christmas lights from our crab apple tree. When I returned with the ladder, I saw that the  colored bulbs sparkled in the sun and formed an unusual bird's nest where I had stuck a ball of it into the crook of a branch.
4. A line from a sit-com, "Oh my gosh! It's 7:40 microwave time!". Tess and I cracked up because we go through this every morning.

1 comment:

  1. I through in the towel on keeping the correct time on my microwave since the power has such a propensity to blink off. It's always at 0:00. I go by stove time. :)