Saturday, January 21, 2012

Coming home, Vander's nose, What treasure can we find?

1. I've been alone for almost 24 hours, an unusual and significant occurrence for me. In the afternoon I make the drive to pick up my family from here and there, gathering up precious belongings that have been scattered all about.
2. The horse lips up the apple pieces from my hand, eagerly snuffling my palm with his velvety nose.
3. With an hour to wait, we poke around the antique mall. I haven't done this for ages which makes it even more fun! I find a cut glass coaster with a silver rim to put by my reading chair.


  1. I love finding treasure like your coaster and imagining where they might have lived before.

    Lovely post.

  2. I can't wait till we get on our feet and I can go antiquing and fill up my new house! I'm like Lynn. I always think about the life the item had before I got it.

  3. What a great find Leonora!! I can just picture you relaxing in your chair with your treasure by your side. Horses can be such gentle creatures. You paint such a pretty picture with your words. xxoo