Saturday, January 14, 2012

A child was born, Hang to dry, Beef pot pie

1. Daughter #2 turns twenty-five today. Born in Portsmouth, NH, we named her Chelsea, meaning "port of ships".  Steve and I lie in bed, talking quietly about earlier days and our daughters' beginnings. How can it be so long ago and yet, seem like only yesterday...

2. The wood stove burns all day in the basement making it warm and toasty for laundry duties.
3. Dinner is made of 'found' items from the fridge. He adds his 'found' item- a bottle of wine.


  1. Aw, love this, Leonora. Beautiful song, beautiful daughter. How quickly the years pass. Happy birthday to Chelsea. :)

  2. Beautiful Leonora. Happy Birthday to Chelsea! xxoo

  3. Happy birthday to Chelsea - you have such a lovely close family.

    Love the "painting it white" story below. :)

  4. Hmm, last comment didn't seem to take. Love this post, and happy new year!

  5. Happy belated birthday too... you have a beautiful daughter.