Thursday, December 8, 2011

Two homes, one me

As the front cleared, upstate New York
1. The Italian bakery, Bella Napoli, was bustling at 10 AM. Good thing because I needed a moment to gather my senses and settle my emotions. I was so overwhelmed by the cases of pastries and breads and the 'home' this represents that I had to blink back tears from my eyes. Doesn't everyone cry in bakeries?
2. The kind of laughs you can only have with a sister. We laughed and giggled over underwear and funny elevator sounds and even got our adorable mother to chuckle, although it hurt her broken ribs.
3. They say she should be home by Christmas. I left on this note, with plenty of hope and faith in my heart.
4. New York bid me farewell in my favorite colors! Heavy, low clouds hung on a slate gray sky behind a landscape of pure white. Snow covered every branch, bough and field in breathtaking beauty as we drove across the state.
5. Virginia home. Oh how I wish I could be in two places at one time! This is my sanctuary where I can recharge and gather strength, surrounded by the love of family and friends for whatever may come...

Time to get these fall decorations put away for Heaven's sake!


  1. Will keep your mum in my prayers, with hopes that she will be home by Christmas. xxoo

  2. I'm glad you are home safely. I know exactly how you feel - torn between homes. I hope your mom does get to go home soon!

  3. keep the home fires burning...blessings to you leonora