Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas is Coming!, It used to be bigger, Love the blue, Making it straight

1. There is a Christmas tree farm behind our house. It seems silly to use the truck, but after carrying our tree one year, we decided it got heavier with every step. We found one with a lot of character today!

 2. Many Christmas memories are stored in this ragged little piece of felt. Circa 1959.

3. My newest finds! All year I scour vintage shops looking for old ornaments.

4. He helps me. While I...? Pluck something off the tree?
Throughout the decades dads have made this sacrifice.


  1. It's all good. Love the stocking, the tree and the vintage decorations. How lovely. xxoo

  2. My husband has an old stocking that looks a bit like that one.

    Happy decorating!